Sleep/Sedation Dentistry

We are proud to be very gentle dentists.

In addition, we also offer IV sedation and other forms of sedation for your treatment.

If you feel anxious or know someone who is anxious about having dental treatment, sleep dentistry could be the solution. There may also be other reasons why you may choose to have dental treatment while under sleep sedation:

  • Severe anxiety to have dental treatment.
  • Longer or more complex treatments that would be more comfortable for you and carried more efficiently while sedated.
  • Reduce the number of appointments if a lot of treatment is required – all treatment carried out in fewer appointments.
  • Severe gag reflex.

What is sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is dental treatment that is carried out by your dentist while you are sedated by IV sedation.

A combination of safe medications are used for your comfort during dental treatment, carried out by a qualified sedationist who we closely work with.

These medications do not make you unconscious but place you in a “sleep-like” state so you feel no discomfort during your treatment. You are still able to communicate with us during treatment.

To find out more about IV sedation and what it involves in more detail please contact us.