PD 4 Kids

A caring, modern and fresh dental experience in Dulwich, South Australia. Preventive dentistry, oral hygiene care, emergency dental care, kids dental and more.

We are proud to operate a specialised area of Parklands Dental which is dedicated to the oral health of your children. We believe that engaging kids in dental care, and instilling an understanding of how they can look after their own teeth, is a great investment in their future health.

  • Our role is to help kids maintain good oral health from when their baby teeth first appear to when they are naturally lost, right through to the development of their full set of adult teeth. Prevention of tooth decay and gum problems is our aim and with a gentle, caring approach we will examine, clean and apply preventive gels where necessary.
  • Education is also important to us so we show you and your child the best ways to maintain a healthy mouth. With DVD entertainment, child friendly décor and fun activities, we aim to make the whole experience as fun as possible for kids.
  • When should kinds come for their dental visits? Check-ups are recommended every 6 months. Ideally, you can bring your kids in from around 6 months of age to your appointments so that they become familiar with the dental environment!

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