Pain and Emergency

As part of our family general dental care, we understand that dental pain can be quite debilitating. That’s why we prioritise dental emergencies in Adelaide in our daily appointments.

What is an emergency in dentistry?

Any of the following is considered to be a dental emergency:

  • Any type of teeth, gums, mouth or jaw pain
  • Broken teeth or fillings
  • Any type teeth/gum abscesses and swellings
  • Sports injuries to the mouth/face

Unsure whether you have a dental emergency?

Contact us and our friendly team will reassure and discuss any queries you may have.

Emergency appointments available daily

We know just how awful dental pain can be! That’s why we think it’s vital to see anyone in pain as soon as possible.

  • Every day we set aside times for emergency patients.
  • We encourage you to call first thing in the morning (or even leave a message overnight) and we will be able to see you that day.

Managing Dental Pain

  • The best pain relief is usually a pain killer like Panadol and/or an anti-inflammatory like Nurofen*.
  • If there is any sort of swelling, please go to the Emergency department of any hospital if you cannot see a dentist.

Remember – ignoring dental pain rarely ends well! Even when pain recedes it usually comes back at some point. We encourage you to seek dental care if you’re unsure.