What are dentures?

A denture is a removable appliance that has artificial teeth and gums to replace missing natural teeth.

Dentures come in many designs and the choice of design depends on the outcomes desired for optimal function and aesthetics.

Types of dentures

Full dentures – Full dentures ( image 1) are made out of acrylic and are made when all natural teeth are missing.​

Partial dentures – These are made when some teeth are missing and some natural teeth remain. They an be made out of acrylic or a metal frame with acrylic where strength is required.

The Process

The process starts with a full exam to ensure the mouth is healthy. This is followed by a series of impressions of the teeth so that replica models can be made to construct the denture.

There are appointments at different stage for try-ins and fit before the final denture is processed and fitted in.

There may be adjustments required when dentures are used and so follow-up appointments may be required.

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