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A caring, modern and fresh dental experience in Dulwich, South Australia. Preventive dentistry, oral hygiene care, emergency dental care, kids dental and more.
Meet our team

About Us

Parklands Dental was established in August 2011 by our principal dentist Dr Aashul Patel (Aash) and his wife Kate. Their vision was to bring together like-minded people who would create a dental practice where people would love to visit and call Parklands Dental – “our family dentist”.  In 2011 we started with 6 patients in our first week and the team of 8 are proud to look after over 3500 people in the Adelaide community.

The people of Parklands Dental are friendly and caring, to our patients and to each other. We believe in building long term relationships with our patients and supporting them with their dental health through a lifetime. With the help of modern technology and continuing education we aim for the highest of standards of dentistry.

Our family dental practice is family owned- our philosophy is to treat everyone like how we would like to be treated.

Building trust and personalised care

From your very first call or contact with us, we listen to your requirements first and foremost. We believe in giving you what you want from your dental care, whether it is good oral health, improving your smile or having teeth whitening. Building trust and good rapport with our patients is very important to us- we treat you not just as patients but as people.

Your safety

Part of your care includes you feeling and being safe. Our treatment rooms are serene and warm. We are dedicated  with our infection control measures and are up to date with infection control guidelines set by the Australian Dental Association.

Committed to your care

We are confident that Parklands Dental has the very best team of dentists, oral health therapists and support staff to provide quality care. We are constantly developing our skills and offering innovative treatments, through continuing education courses. We always aim to do more – and better – because your satisfaction is our success!